Being able to better the communities in the North Omaha area is what NONA is all about.

Our Mission

The mission of NONA - North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance is to improve the quality of life in our community by; connecting, Communicating, Coordinating, Collaborating, and Celebrating.

Here's just simpler version of what NONA is all about and what we do.

Omaha Citizen Patrol

We have partnered with Omaha Citizen Patrol to help North Omaha neighborhoods in need. Being able to work with them helps clean up neighborhoods from crime, litter, and most importantly creating a safe environment for everyone in the community!

OCCP logo

OCCP logo

Neighborhood Clean Ups!

We encourage neighborhoods to keep their community clean and safe for everyone.

Annual Party Event

Every year we celebrate that we are proud of being from North Omaha. Also allowing the other associations to come out and interact with the community as one.

NONA member took photo at annual event.

NONA member took photo at annual event.



What We've Achieved

  • Neighborhood Associations have formed alliances with the Omaha Citizen Patrol and/or adhere to city guidelines to maintain effective Neighborhood Watch programs.  
  • Efforts are underway to Create an annual event (2015) to celebrate life and our heritage.
  • Fun in the Park
  • Provide support to 45 neighborhood associations throughout the North Omaha community.  
  • Setting communities with a neighborhood watch program.